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Family Owned

A family owned minority enterprise with a focus on performance plus. The Royal Group is a high-end Janitorial Service Company offering an array of services at a competitive cost.


City SkylineThe Royal Group is a firm believer in Lasting Relationships. We believe wholeheartedly that the two most important contributors to our overall success are our Clients and Employees. As we explore ways to sustain our position in the Janitorial Service Industry, and further grow our Company, we have become more focused on the Clients we serve and the People we employ. We often find ourselves asking these questions: How can we better serve our Employees, to the point of them saying, “I have no desire to be employed by some other company”. And likewise for our Clients: What more can we do for our Clients that will have them say, “We only want to do business with The Royal Group”. The answers are endless. Nonetheless, The Royal Group has committed itself to doing whatever is necessary to have our Clients and Employees desire us…Period. Our goal is to Under promise and Over deliver, easier said than done. Regardless of the difficulties and challenges, we are relentless in this endeavor. So much so, until the Company’s CEO / General Manager, has created a service within our service, and has given it the name…iBlueServ™, committed to Excellency. The iBlueServ™ Management Team consists of The Company’s CEO, Project / Operations Manager, Quality Control Manager, HR and The Company’s Industry Specific Consultant.

CMI LogoWe work very close with our Clients, striving to provide that service within our service. As a member of Cleaning Management Institute, we receive firsthand knowledge of the latest in technology, equipment, chemicals, floor care, carpet care, restroom cleaning and training programs that are cutting edge in our industry. During our routine meetings with our Clients, we share these resources, when available, in an effort to cut cost and improve our service. We pay close attention to the changing of seasons, changes to the environment and changes in traffic flow patterns in each of our Client’s Facilities. When changes occur, iBlueServ™ analyze, adjust and submit alternate cleaning programs that will continue to enhance the appearance of our Client’s Facilities. In addition, iBlueServ™ has charged our cleaning staff with the responsibility of constantly looking at what we do, how we do it and how we can do it better.

Not only do we value our Employees, but iBlueServ™, service our employees with respect and gratitude that’s conducive to high retention and low turnover. We begin with a starting pay rate that exceeds minimum wage accompanied by pay raises as they are earned. When positions become available, we desire to promote within prior to hiring from outside. Vacation for some Employees is as much as two weeks, in addition to paid holidays. Direct Deposit is available for our Employees, and bonuses are paid during the holiday season to all employees. We provide uniforms for our employees, and we reward outstanding performance by way of our Employee of the Month Program. Through our insurance provider, we offer voluntary benefits to include: A Personal Accident Indemnity Plan, A Maximum Difference Personal Cancer Plan, Hospital and Hospital Intensive Care Protection, A Personal Sickness Indemnity Plan, A Personal Disability Income Protector, Life Insurance, A Dental Plan and much more.

The above are just a few of the services within our service we believe that will help promote a Lasting Relationship between The Royal Group, its Clients and Employees via iBlueServ™.